Who We Are

It’s the competitive edge you’ve been searching for. We designed Personalized Ads that are Implemented into our MultiChannel Marketing Network that is proven to connect our clients with your clients. We make things simple, straightforward, and easy. Our targeted ads focus on behavioral client interactions and seller report profiles to make sure you are bringing in clients who are ready to buy a home yesterday. Skip the hassle of hiring an expensive graphic designer and use Ads Wave today!

Core Values

Wave ad

Wave Ad automation platform committed to providing the best quality digital marketing expertise, consultative support to every client. Our digital marketing and social media experts will utilize their skills to uncover data insights to help clients navigate through Real Estate marketing landscape and exceed advertising goals.

Open house

Open House? We’ve Got Your Flyers! You are just a few short clicks away from an open house flyer that showcases your listings. These are safe and touch-free which makes them perfect. All visitors have to do is scan the QR code. Even better? Flyers can be displayed without a device. And yes, all of your branding, images, and property information are properly formatted.

Social Chat

It Manages all the social media accounts at one place from free App.Send promotional messages to Messenger subscribers. Synchronize existing subscribers. sent to old subscribers and new subscribers. Segment subscribers Transmit promotional information Increase engagement

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1502 Eglonton Ave West. North York, Ontario, Canada info@adswave.net