DIY Social Media Marketing: Boost Your Online Presence

AI-Powered Platform for Unified Social Media, Text Messaging, and Google Review Management

It’s revolutionary, chatGPT AI driven social media marketing platform.

It is a revolutionary, world’s very first, most powerful and complete Messenger marketing software for Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

diy social media marketing

Revolutionize Social Media Marketing with Real Choice AI-Driven Platform

Revolutionize your social media marketing with Real Choice, an AI-driven platform. Build chatbots effortlessly using drag and drop functionality. Generate engaging articles and images with ChatGPT. This revolutionary software is the world’s first, most powerful, and complete messenger marketing solution for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Enhance Customer Service with Improved Accuracy and Responsiveness

By integrating AI capabilities from OpenAI GPT-3, our chatbots provide accurate and helpful responses to customer inquiries. Say goodbye to limitations and let advanced natural language processing enhance your customer service.

Handle No-Match Keywords with AI Integration

With our AI Integration add-on, your chatbot can handle queries it doesn’t understand. AI generates appropriate responses, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Assist Customers with Matching Keywords Using AI Integration

Our AI Integration add-on helps match customer queries with relevant keywords in your chatbot’s database. AI generates comprehensive responses, delivering complete answers to customer questions.

Efficiently Handle Customer Inquiries with AI-Enhanced Chatbots

Provide AI with information about your business to optimize your chatbot’s understanding and response capabilities. AI learns about your business, ensuring accurate and appropriate interactions.

Achieve Accurate and Appropriate Comment Reply Automation

The AI Integration add-on enables automated replies to comments on Facebook and Instagram posts. Share post information with AI, and it will respond to user comments accurately and contextually. Take control of comment engagement effortlessly With Real Choice AI-powered features, you can enhance your social media marketing, streamline customer interactions, and drive engagement like never before. Experience the future of DIY social media marketing today.

Highlights of Our Automated DIY Facebook Advertising Platform


Build chatbots effortlessly with our drag-and-drop interface. No coding or technical skills required. Customize your chatbot to deliver personalized interactions and automate customer support. Our AI-driven platform helps you engage with your audience effectively.


Real Choice is the world's first and most powerful Messenger marketing software for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Streamline your social media strategy, boost your online presence, and drive results like never before.

Automate Facebook Marketing

Our platform empowers you with automated Facebook marketing capabilities. Reach your target audience effectively and drive engagement with automated posts, ads, and campaigns. Save time and effort while maximizing your reach and impact.


With Real Choice, you have the tools to take control of your social media marketing. Create, manage, and optimize your campaigns with ease. Harness the power of automated Facebook advertising and elevate your brand's online visibility.

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All Marketing Solutions in Wave Chat

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Build A Bot By Drag & Drop

Wavechat - generate articles, images by chatGPT and schedule the post on social media


Bulk message sending is one the key features of Wave-Chat. You can send bulk messages to your messenger leads.

Import Account

Import your Facebook account just click on login with Facebook button.

Sync page leads

You can sync all leads who are already in a conversation with your page or you have sent private reply.

Create Campaigns

You can send to multi-page campaign or multi-group campaign or to custom campaign.

Full delivery reports

You will able to see the full campaign delivery reports,where you will find the final report.

Key Features

Full-Featured Messenger Bot

Powerful Messenger Bot for 24/7 Automated Replies.

Effortless Auto Reply

Effortless Auto Reply and Private Reply for Comments.

Bulk Message Sending

Efficiently Send Bulk Messages to Messenger Subscribers.

Complete Facebook Scheduler

Comprehensive Facebook Post Scheduler for Pages & Groups.

Send Bulk Messages

Effortlessly send bulk messages to your page subscribers.

Bot Reply

Enhance Page Response Time with Keyword-Based Inbox Messaging.

Auto Private Reply

Automatically send replies to your post's commenters directly in their inbox.

Text / image / video / link post

Easily Share Diverse Content on Facebook Pages.

Auto Comment Like

Automatically like the new posts on your page for increased engagement.

Page Message Manager

Streamline Message Management and Communication.

Persistent Menu

Customized Menu Options for Easy Page Exploration.

Auto Comment Reply

Engage with your post's commenters by automatically sending replies to their comments.

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