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Frequently Asked Questions

Small and mid-sized businesses can create ads on Adswave from their  business page.

  • Sign in to your business account and select Manage ads.
  • On the welcome screen, select Get started.
  • Select a goal. The goal you select will determine the best ad format.
  • Build your ad. Fill in the requested details, preview your ad and select Next to continue.
  • Choose your target audience. Move the slider at the bottom to the left or right to adjust the target audience selection.
  • Set your budget and ad duration. In this step you’ll choose how much you want to spend to serve your ads and how long you’ll want your ads to run.
  • Review, add payment, and publish.
  • After publishing your first ad you will land on the ads dashboard where you can check on the status, performance, or edit your ad at any time.

Where your ad will be displayed depends on the goal you selected. 

Adswave Ads for small businesses will be displayed in one or more of the following areas: Newsfeed, For Sale & Free, Right-hand rail, and the Real Estate section.

  • Newsfeed
    All Adswave ads will appear within the scrolling feed of posts where neighborhood conversations happen.
  • Right-hand rail
    Ads created to increase website visits will also be shown in the static right-hand side of the Newsfeed.
  • For Sale & Free
    Ads created to increase website visits will also be shown in the marketplace section where neighbors buy, sell, or give away items.
  • Real Estate section Ads created by businesses in the Real Estate and home services categories will also be displayed in the Real Estate section where neighbors can view homes for sale, pending, or recently sold. 

With Adswave Advertising, businesses have the flexibility to pause and resume ads at any time. 

  • Sign in to your business account and select Manage ads.
  • Below the stats dashboard, select the ad you want to pause.
  • Below the Edit details, switch the toggle off to pause your ad. The status of your ad will immediately change from Live to Paused

To access the ad you wish to edit, simply navigate to the Ads tab from your business profile and select Manage ads. Your existing ad(s) will be listed under the Your ads section below the ads dashboard.  Learn more about editing your ads. 

When you create a new ad, you will be billed upfront for the daily budget you select multiplied by 31 days. This amount will be automatically loaded to your account balance and ready for use once your ad is approved and begins running. 

This initial amount also becomes your “billing threshold”. Your billing threshold is the amount you will be charged once your account balance reaches zero. Each day, we’ll serve your ad to as many neighbors as possible until your budget has been spent and your account balance reaches zero. If you choose a monthly plan, you can expect to be billed roughly every 31 days.

If you choose the option to customize your ad duration for less than 31 days, you will not be billed again when your ad reaches zero.

Learn more about billing.