Reach target customers with easy and strategic coupon marketing

Enjoy marketing made easy by targeting specific markets using any sales data and profile. Direct target coupons to prospective customers based on their interests and interactions whenever they are on social media, mobile, or any website.

Enabling coupons for your business growth

Customized & Targeted

Create personalized coupon campaigns targeting selected users based on specific attributes and interactions.

Swift & Powerful Coupon generation

Create millions of unique promotion coupons quickly and easily in a few clicks using a special coupon promotion software.

Claimable coupon in-store or online

Prevent coupon fraud and leakage, track and enable single coupon usage and endless possibilities with coupon promotion software.

Digitally targeted

Digitally deliver personalized coupons to prospects interested in your business or service and close to your location. Google and Meta data driven, hyper targeted potential customers can see your coupons.


Modern coupon marketing software

Explore limitless possibilities of creating millions of random marketing coupons using coupon marketing software. What’s more? You can set individual expiry dates and client IDs for each coupon and track them easily.

Tailored geofence marketing campaigns

Jump on the new trend of geofencing marketing. Create customized campaigns for customers within your chosen geolocation and offer more personalized marketing experiences for prospects and customers on the move.

The ultimate geofencing software for targeted marketing promotions

Create and design your geofence promotions using the perfect software, customized to your preference, geared towards rewarding users for being at a specific location at a particular time. Expand your geofencing marketing campaigns to new areas or create region-based promotions based on your business’s target.

Increase customer lifetime value and brand loyalty with promotion diversification

Expand your business’s growth chance and boost customers’ loyalty through promotion diversification by offering a range of rewards, incentives, and loyalty programs for customers’ onboarding and referral.

Attract new prospects, engage and convert leads to lifetime customers

Attract and retain high-value customers through customized coupons and referral campaigns
Build trust using substantial rewards and loyalty incentives for customers' behaviors you want to encourage
Create customized and unique sales promotions using geofencing marketing and dynamic discounts

Customizable omnichannel promotion solutions for your business

Take charge of your marketing campaigns through a single centralized system set up to enable seamless and better customer experiences
Utilize endpoints from POS to apps to web
Interconnected customer experiences
Monitor session data from all channels
Omnichannel promotion